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Coastal Flooding and Climate Change in Ireland

Climate change is driving increased sea levels and more extreme events around coastlines globally.

How will Ireland be impacted?

With up to €2Billion in property damage anticipated, which counties are most at risk?

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Analysing Spatial Data

What makes analysing spatial data particularly interesting?

“Everything is related to everything else, but near things are more related than distant things” – Tobler’s first law of geography.

Gamma - Analysing Spatial Data

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Counties, Trading Areas, Townlands, Small Areas, NUTS regions; there are an infinite number of ways of dividing up our country for analytics. In this paper we look at some of the more commonly used boundary datasets in Ireland.

Data Webservices - Gamma

FME and Autoaddress

This whitepaper will look at the reasons for integrating Autoaddress and FME. It will provide a description of an integration that has already been developed and is available for use.

Gamma Location Intelligence - Autoaddress

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A look inside the automotive industry in Ireland, comparing the market with European peers and taking a look at network size relative to national coverage.

Gamma White Paper - Automotive

Data Protection

At Gamma, we take the way we handle your data very seriously. This paper outlines our obligations to your data and how we deal with them.

Gamma White Paper - Data Protection

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Single View of Customer

Achieving one single view of your customer is a major challenge for large organisation combatting data siloes, compliance, IT infrastructure and manpower issues. We explain how using an address as a core identifier can help to overcome these issues

Site & Location Profiling - Gamma