Whether you are a franchise owner or a multi-branch business, Gamma’s expertise in the retail sector can be of real benefit to your operations. Our professional services support you in evaluating the performance of your existing retail network, in site selection for opening and closing outlets and in identifying opportunities for greater efficiency. Gamma incorporate demographic data on expenditure, competitor locations and geo-segmentation data along with your own information to perform gap analysis and create powerful performance models specific to your business scenario.

Detailed analysis of your retail network is a high impact method for boosting the productivity of your resources.

We can help you get an accurate view of your customers’ location and spread; we can show you the true catchment area of your branches.

Store Network Planning 1 - Gamma
Store Network Planning 2 - Gamma

We can apply our custom models to help you decide where your business should be looking to expand and to whom you should be looking to spread your marketing messages.

Design the best network for your stores.

Evaluate your current estate and spot the gaps.

Map it, analyse it and plan it.

Store Network Planning 3 - Gamma

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