If you have a retail opportunity that you need more site specific information for, talk to the site analysis specialists. We can provide you with the right information to understanding the market area of the location quickly and suited to your requirements.  Presented in highly graphic maps and charts, our site information packs and analyses give you or your prospects, the business case statistics necessary for capital investment decisions. Ranging from simple stats packs to more detailed spatial expenditure modelling, Gamma has the expertise to deliver.

Site & Location Profiling - Gamma

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MarketView – Site Profile Reports

MarketView is a quick and inexpensive way of assessing a site and its surrounding area’s characteristics.

This snapshot report can be delivered within 24 hours and details the most vital market information on a location’s trading area.

Information contained in a standard MarketView range includes:

  • Population counts
  • Age profile
  • Car ownership
  • Household types
  • Spending habits
  • Average spending profiles (by product)
  • Affluence levels
  • Social class profile
  • Nearby facilities (ATMs, Petrol Stations, etc)


Site & Location Profiling - Gamma

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