Our MarketView report is a quick way of assessing a site and the characteristics of its surrounding area defined by drive-time. The information contained in the MarketView reports allows you to assess a site and the characteristics of its surrounding area, giving you access to the most vital market information on a local trading area (including demographic, expenditure and competitor market profiles). Presented in highly graphic maps and charts, our site information packs and analyses give you or your prospects the business case statistics necessary for capital investment decisions. From simple stats packs to more detailed spatial expenditure modelling, Gamma has the expertise to deliver.

Premium demographic and market size reports for any location in Ireland


Understand who and what is in the area, looking at:

  • profile of households in the area
  • profile of population in the area
  • profile of daytime population in the area
  • average and total expenditure by households in the area
  • average and total expenditure by daytime population in the area.

MarketView Plus

Understand everything about the area, who and what are there, and how that is likely to change in the future:

  • life stage and income level of households
  • life stage and income level of daytime population
  • average annual daily traffic counts
  • nearby retail destinations, their attractiveness and key brands within them.

MarketView Neighbourhoods

Understand how your business fits into the area, looking at:

  • expenditure on specific items by residential households in the area
  • expenditure on specific items by daytime population of the area
  • competitors in the area
  • Population forecasts for 2021, 2026 and 2031 – by age group and gender.

Each trading area is divided into reporting neighbourhoods for a detailed analysis.

Gamma also provides more in-depth location analysis consultancy including footfall, nearby retailer listings, etc., giving you an accurate picture of the potential of any local market area. We even prepare predictive models based on the gravity approach to predict the likely impact/performance of new developments.