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Gamma is a premier partner for Pitney Bowes Software in Ireland. We supply and support the full range of products, from MapInfo Professional to the Spectrum Technology Platform, including Spectrum Spatial Analyst.

As an authorised partner, Gamma can help you get the most from Pitney Bowes Software products, from consulting to support and training.  We’ve built deep expertise in specific industries and business functions. We have an in-depth understanding of PB products so we can help you solve your business problems quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Together, we can help you gain competitive advantage, save money, and grow revenue. Get in Touch to find out how your organisation can benefit from Pitney Bowes Software.

Gamma Blog: MapInfo Pro v17 – What’s New?

MapInfo Pro v17 – What’s New?
MapInfo Pro v17 is coming next month, and it represents another milestone along the path towards being a fully integrated platform with access to Cloud-based APIs and web services along with online user experience improvements coming to the fore in this release.

Gamma Blog: Introducing Spectrum Spatial Analyst

Introducing Spectrum Spatial Analyst
Spectrum Spatial Analyst (SSA) is a Web GIS Application that makes it easy to share your maps and data with your audience. If you are a user of MapInfo Pro or have a need to communicate your maps and analytics, then SSA is for you.

MapInfo Training - Gamma - GIS

MapInfo Training
Gamma offers a broad range of training courses for all levels of user to support both MapInfo products and our proprietary hosted solutions. Our courses suit all users from those who simply need an introduction to the tools, through to those who require a more advanced level of competence and understanding of both the software and the accompanying datasets.

Gamma Newsletter - Pitney Bowes Software

Gamma Newsletter – Pitney Bowes Software
Keep up to date with the latest software updates and capabilities. Find out about the key improvements coming to the fore in the MapInfo Pro v17 release. Register for the SSA webinar, which will show you how to move your data from the desktop to the web. This and much more can be found in this spring’s Gamma newsletter.

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