Perilfinder is Gamma’s risk assessment and accumulations reporting tool that is delivered as a SaaS solution. Our solution helps insurance companies reduce their risk portfolio by better managing accumulations of policies.

With a tried and trusted pedigree in the insurance market and a substantial staff of developers and technicians to back up our software offering, Perilfinder offers insurers a world class, intuitive and feature rich location intelligence system.

As an enterprise solution, Perilfinder supports both decisions at the point of sale and in the back office, through custom user specific interfaces and tools. Incorporating world class, property-level geocoding engines, Perilfinder delivers.

Perilfinder 1
Perilfinder 2

     Features include:

  • Ability to key in a risk address and see it on a map.
  • Display of RAG (Red, Amber, Green) flags at the point of sale for any address entered based on the underlying risk data and defined business rules.
  • Assess risk by overlaying relevant peril maps such as Flood, Crime, Subsidence and other perils.
  • Ability to display risk accumulations at various buffer sizes from a location or by rating areas.
  • Ability to interrogate any policy or another dataset element on the map and display information about the entity.
  • Facility to overlay key services such as fire stations, police stations.
  • Automated report generation to identify changes in accumulation levels and identify newly written risk accumulations.

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