The insurance sector is one of the key users of location intelligence and one of Gamma’s key application areas. As much of underwriting requires knowledge of the place, geographical and environmental perils and validating address locations, we provide extensive solutions to the sector. Add this to requirements for marketing, address cleaning, sales office/territory location and SII analyses and it’s clear why insurance is a key user of Location Intelligence.


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Perilfinder is our flagship SaaS product for the Insurance sector and used by the several of the world’s leading insurance companies. The hosted system is a complete underwriter’s risk assessment and reporting solution incorporating address matching, risk and accumulation scoring and spatial peril models. An enterprise solution, it is used both at point-of-sale to provide a RAG score and decision and in the back office by underwriters to view and analyse risk addresses in more detail.


Autoaddress is a set of simple API s and tools that enable you to capture accurate addresses quickly. Fully cloud hosted and using revolutionary matching and learning technology, Autoaddress offers an easy to implement address capture, validation and a geocoding tool that is second to none. We also provide bureau geocoding services to tag coordinates and postcodes to your risk addresses using the most accurate address matching engines in the world.

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Risk Models & Webservices

Gamma’s Insurance Webservice and spatial risk models provide the general insurer with timely and accurate risk intelligence that can assess the potential exposure to a variety of perils based on location. Geographically assessed perils include flood, burglary, fire, subsidence and road traffic accident.

Exposure Mapping

By plotting your risk addresses and TSI values, we can identify and analyse your exposure levels and calculate your maximum accumulations by line of business. Our Insurance services team can meet your particular analytical requirements and provide the immediate answers that you require.

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Solvency II Support

Gamma supports several of our clients Solvency II submissions by calculating exact accumulations values for their commercial and household risks. Using advanced geocoding and matching algorithms, we can estimate the accumulated TSI values for all matched and semi-matched addresses in the client book. The client is provided with an accurate picture of their spread of exposure, the accumulated values, the level of certainty of the estimate and their relative locations.

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