Eircode at Three: the quiet success story


As Eircode celebrates its third birthday on 13th July we answer the two most important Eircode questions:   


         1. How often is it used?
         2. Who is using it?



How often is Eircode used?

Our customers made over 100 million Eircode address lookups in the past year. The vast majority of these are via our real-time address capture control deployed on Customer websites.

This compares with 35 million in the prior 12 month period, a year-on-year increase of 188%.


You can view a map of addresses being captured in real-time on our status page (//status.autoaddress.ie). Each bouncing map symbol is an Eircode address that has just been successfully captured.


Our mobile app (//app.autoaddress.ie) continues to go from strength to strength. Released in May 2016 it is used regularly by twelve thousand courier/delivery drivers every month. This compares with 6 thousand regular monthly users in June 2017, an increase of 100%.

Drivers used the app 152 thousand times in June 2018 to get Sat-Nav directions to an Eircode. This compares with 74 thousand in June 2017, an increase of 105%.

Since launch drivers have used our app to make over two million journeys to an Eircode address provided by a customer without having to call to ask for directions.


The graph below plots the increase in use of Eircode for deliveries, plotting monthly Sat-Nav directions requested via the app. The bump in November/December 2017 reflects the busy Christmas eCommerce period. The dip in February coincides with the “Beast from the East” that shut down Ireland’s roads. Usage has continued to increase, with June’s figure surpassing the previous record set in December.

We get app feedback from drivers who work for all the main courier/delivery companies operating in Ireland. Their feedback helps us improve business name and access locations for Eircode addresses, which we add to our core database.

Who is using Eircode

Eircode usage continues to accelerate, and is becoming a standard piece of information requested by companies in order to improve the service they provide. Whether you want to order broadband or a bouncy castle for a children’s party, get an electric car charger installed or have furniture delivered, you’ll most likely be asked for an Eircode.

We’ve ranked the Eircode usage of our customers by industry segment. Unsurprisingly the top users are our Courier customers who verify, sort and deliver tens of thousands of parcels every day with Eircode. Eircode has dramatically reduced their manual sortation requirements, improved the efficiency of their logistics planning and allowed timely delivery to previously difficult to find rural addresses.

The range of areas where Eircode is benefiting our customers is extremely wide. Sample Eircode solutions for our customers include:

1. Helping a charity register addresses and donations more efficiently;

2. Improve Student Grant approval efficiency;

3. Deliver Pizza faster;

4. Improve skip hire efficiency;

5. Improve the efficiency of delivery of oil and gas to remote customers;

6. Increase eCommerce conversion rates.


The general public are aware they may be asked for their Eircode and are able to provide it when requested. A face-to-face independent National awareness survey revealed 99% of people surveyed know how to get their Eircode.

But how many can provide it immediately upon request? That depends on how you design your address form. We’ve analysed our data to determine the likelihood that a person will provide their Eircode as opposed to typing their address into an address form based on our customer implementations. Where the form just asks for an address, and doesn’t mention Eircode, approximately 5% of people will start typing their Eircode. This increases to 17% where the person is asked to enter their address or Eircode. Where the form asks for an Eircode, and has a subsequent field that asks for an address the rate increases to 47%. Customers who include our address capture control on their website find their overall Eircode capture rate (whether the user entered an Eircode or started with their address) is typically 70% to 90%.

Our business is growing rapidly on the back of demand for Eircode solutions and we are committed to continuing to innovate and improve our products to remain the number one Eircode Approved Provider and Accredited Encoder.

Please contact us to find out how your business can benefit from Eircode.

@ 2018 Gamma.ie by Pat Donnelly


About Autoaddress

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