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Map and analyse geographic data to improve business decisions

Keep up to date with the latest software updates and capabilities. Find out about the key improvements coming to the fore in the MapInfo Pro v17 release. Register for the SSA webinar, which will show you how to move your data from the desktop to the web. This and much more can be found in this spring’s Gamma newsletter.

Join Gamma and Pitney Bowes experts for this informative webinar.

In this webinar, Richard Cantwell (Gamma) and Mark Balcon (Pitney Bowes) will look at how SSA works, including its extensive visualisation capabilities and integration with powerful APIs, how SSA integrates with spatial databases and MapInfo Pro and ultimately how it can benefit your organisation.



MapInfo Pro v17 – What’s New?
MapInfo Pro v17 represents another milestone along the path towards being a fully integrated platform with access to Cloud-based APIs and web services along with online user experience improvements coming to the fore in this release.


Introducing SSA
Spectrum Spatial Analyst (SSA) is a Web GIS Application that makes it easy to share your maps and data with your audience. If you are a user of MapInfo Pro or have a need to communicate your maps and analytics, then SSA is for you.



SSA Case Study

Watch Customer Case Study: Torfean County BoroughCouncil


Featured Blog Posts


Serverless in GIS

As GIS systems become more widely used, there is increasing demand for infrastructure to support them. The obvious way to extend processing capacity for GIS application is by scaling horizontally and simply adding more machines. Serverless technologies now offer a more beneficial alternative. Read More>

The Open Data Advantage (and disadvantage)

The data landscape has changed vastly in recent years as we move from a situation of data scarcity to data abundance. One of the main drivers of this change is the rise of Open Data. Read More>

Complex Data Capture: Leveraging MapInfo and FME

We recently carried out a large-scale data capture project with a very short time window. To do it we brought together the data creation capabilities of MapInfo Pro and the automation functionality of FME. Read More>



About Pitney Bowes Software

PitneyBowes - MapInfo - GammaGamma is a distributor/partner of the Pitney Bowes GIS/LI range of products including MapInfo Professional and Spectrum.

As an authorised partner, Gamma can help you get the most from Pitney Bowes products.  We’ve built deep expertise in specific industries and business functions. We have an in-depth understanding of PB products so we can help you solve your business problems quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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