Gamma Blog: Introducing Spectrum Spatial Analyst

Introducing Spectrum Spatial Analyst

Spectrum Spatial Analyst (SSA) is a Web GIS Application that makes it easy to share your maps and data with your audience. If you are a user of MapInfo Pro or have a need to communicate your maps and analytics, then SSA is for you.

From Desktop to Web

SSA works with your existing spatial data. It allows you to create interactive web maps that can be shared internally or with the public. End users can interact with the data in a controlled way across all of their devices. Simple tools allow you to move your data from the desktop to the web. SSA also offers editing of spatial and tabular data directly in the browser, which can mean significant savings.

Expandable Architecture

SSA is built on industry standards and flexible, scalable design. Add ‘find my nearest’ functionality, address lookups and routing with a few clicks. SSA combines the power and versatility of the enterprise Location Intelligence platform, Spectrum Spatial, with unmatched accessibility, scalability, reliability, performance and cost savings. It also offers tight integration with best in class Customer Information Management and Customer Engagement modules available in the wider Spectrum platform.


Powerful Spatial Analysis

SSA leverages the power of MapInfo Pro’s mapping and analytical capabilities, making it very easy to carry out complex spatial analysis in the browser. Data can be directly uploaded to the system and analysed on the fly, including cluster and heatmap generation from GeoJSON and KML data. Complex queries can be pre-stored and made available to users on demand.


Effective Communication, Significant Savings

By making the latest data about the location of assets, businesses and services highly accessible, you help your analysts and decision-makers to act more quickly and effectively. What’s more, it creates opportunities for you to cut back on call-centre traffic by enabling a range of self-service options. As the software is easy to use you can make real savings on end-user training. SSA can play a big role in breaking down data silos in your organisation.

At Gamma, we are excited about the power of Spectrum Spatial Analyst.

We are running a webinar on Wednesday 2nd May 2018 which will look at the software in some detail and offer you the opportunity to find out more from Gamma and Pitney Bowes staff. To register your interest in the webinar click here.


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