Gamma Blog: MapInfo Pro v17 – What’s New?

MapInfo Pro v17 – What’s New?

MapInfo Pro v17 is coming next month, and it represents another milestone along the path towards being a fully integrated platform with access to Cloud-based APIs and web services along with online user experience improvements coming to the fore in this release.

At Gamma, we have been working with the MapInfo Pro beta programme and have been particularly happy with the following features of the new release.

New Welcome Screen

On startup, MapInfo Pro 17 now displays a welcome screen with lots of useful information. To the fore is the LI360 Community, which is your one-stop shop for all things MapInfo, including forums, Q&A, documentation, tips and tricks, videos and downloads.

There are sections for news on the software, highlights from the video channel and a range of getting started topics aimed at getting new users familiar with the software. All GIS software has a learning curve, but this is the easiest to use version of MapInfo ever.

One example which illustrates this ‘ease-of-use’ is the new Command Search, located in the application title bar, simply start typing a command name and a list of suggestions will appear.

Drive-times and Geocoding

MapInfo Pro v17 now includes the ability to create drive-time zones and carry out geocoding without the need to install any third party software or any steep upfront charges. Geocoding coverage is typically to building level across almost 200 countries. While drive-times can be easily calculated from new or existing map objects.

The system works off credits, and every user is given a free monthly allowance, more than enough to test the waters. If you are geocoding large numbers of Irish Addresses you should, of course, contact our colleagues at Autoaddress, who have powerful APIs, website controls and batch geocoding capabilities.

Geocoding and Drive-times are just the tips of the iceberg. Pitney Bowes has a vast range of APIs that enable data enrichment, data quality control and analytics, expect these to be added to future releases of MapInfo Pro.

New Controls & Mini Toolbars

Based on extensive user feedback many of the ribbons and tools have been further enhanced in this latest release. New Mini Toolbars have been added to the interface, accessible via a right click. They are fully customisable, as are the ribbons and commands across the entire application.

Many tools themselves have had new functionality added, such as the scale bar which can now use a multitude of units and can be extensively customised.

Individual bins in thematic maps can be turned on and off, not just for Ranged Thematics, but also for Individual Categories Thematics.

Layout Templates

Templates for Layouts have long been available for MapInfo Pro, but user feedback suggested that this functionality was unknown or underused. To address this v17 now offers a selection of templates when a new layout is created, with previews of how these will look.

New templates can be added to the list, and existing ones removed.

Further enhancements to Layouts include multiple-level undo and the addition of Layout Smart Text. Smart Text allows for the addition of dynamic text such as the current date, page numbers, and other user editable aliases to the layout page.

This is just a quick sample of some of the new functionality coming with MapInfo Pro 17. The software will be released shortly to all customers on maintenance. To purchase a copy, please contact us for a quote.

You can also register for one of our MapInfo Training courses here.

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