Gamma Blog: Introducing the Li360 Community from Pitney Bowes

Introducing the Li360 Community from Pitney Bowes

There is quite a lot of support available for MapInfo and other software from Pitney Bowes across the internet, from YouTube videos to discussion forums and even regional user groups such as this one. However finding the answer to your question hasn’t always been as easy as it should be. This is now changing with the introduction of the Li360 community.

The mission of LI360 is to provide a place where both novice and experienced GIS/LI professionals can meet and help each other improve their skills and organisational impact. Not only will product users and the ‘GIS-curious’ be able to interact with their peers, but Pitney Bowes employees will provide advice and ideas, from disciplines including product engineering, product management, user experience design, marketing, consulting and technical support.

The MapInfo section alone contains discussions, knowledgebase articles, links to downloads and video tutorials.

As a Pitney Bowes Partner, Gamma is an active community member, and we will be promoting the community as a ‘first port of call’ for all queries relating to MapInfo, Spectrum Spatial Analyst and other GIS/LI software from Pitney Bowes.

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