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Two years after launch: Who is using Eircode?

Two years already? Eircode was launched on 13th July 2015, and as its second birthday approaches this blog provides an update on Eircode usage by our customers.

Which industries use Eircode the most?

The table below gives the top industry users of our API ranked by number of API calls.

Eircode usage is widespread across multiple industries, but unsurprisingly the top usage is by our Courier customers who verify, sort and deliver tens of thousands of parcels every day with Eircode. Eircode has dramatically reduced their manual sortation requirements, improved the efficiency of their logistics planning and allowed timely delivery to previously difficult to find rural addresses.

How often is Eircode used?

Use of Autoaddress address entry API continues to increase month on month, in June we processed over 4.5 million FindAddress API calls, peaking at 28 thousand addresses per hour as shown in the usage graph below.

You can view real-time API calls plotted on a Google Map on Autoaddress status page. On a weekday we would usually process over 150,000 FindAddress API calls, the weekends are quieter.


Mobile API

Autoaddress mobile app continues to go from strength to strength. Released in May 2016 it now has over twenty-five thousand downloads and is used regularly by over six thousand courier/delivery drivers every month.

It was used 74,025 times in June (up 7.5% from May) to get Sat-Nav directions to an Eircode, and over six hundred thousand times since it was launched.

The Eircode project is still in its infancy, just two years into its initial ten-year contract with Capita. Eircode did take a while to get moving, but is now up and running and increasing in usage on a daily basis.

Our business is growing rapidly on the back of demand for Eircode solutions and we are committed to continuing to innovate and improve our products to remain the number one Eircode Approved Provider and Accredited Encoder.

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