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MapInfo Pro v16 – What’s New?

The latest release of MapInfo Professional, version 16, is out now.  The focus of this release is on making the software simpler, faster and smarter. So, what’s new in MapInfo Pro v16? 

New Theme Ribbon

The new Theme Ribbon gives you a lot more control over how your maps display.  You can change aspects of a theme as you go, to try different settings until you get the one you want. For single variable themes, you can change the theme field without having to recreate the theme, by using the Field: dropdown. You can change the Classification method, number of ranges, and rounding on the fly, seeing the changes instantly.

The new Theme Ribbon also comes with integrated Colorbrewer2 Palettes.

For ranged thematics bins can now be selectively turned on and off in the layer control.

Web Services

MapInfo now supports WFS 2.0, 1.0 and 1.1, and support has been added for WMTS 1.0 tileservers.


The MapInfo tool for uploading data to Spatial RDBMS is now a fully 64 bit application.


Full read/write support for this new OGC standard which is based on SQLite. For more information on GeoPackage, check out the website.


For users of MapInfo Professional Advanced, a number of additional tools have been added to the Raster capabilities, such as new Gridding methodologies, additional Volume options, Interactive Line of Sight, and Underview which improves a raster’s appearance.

There are also a large number of smaller product enhancements. The HOME, MAP and LAYOUT Ribbons have been reorganised based on user feedback.

The latest patch release, 16.0.1, adds multiple level undo to Layouts. This means that any number of edits carried out in a layout window can be undone and redone.


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